February 2, 2008

Planet Bike All The Way

While the season has barely ended for me, a new chapter is already beginning and while the spring workouts haven't begun yet, the season is coming together nicely with new opportunities, possibilities, and support. I will be officially riding for Planet Bike both for mountain bike and cyclocross for the 2008 seasons. I'm excited that I will be able to ride Planet Bike colors the entire season because their support has been exceptional the last cyclocross season and they are just as excited about my racing as I am. I will have the opportunity to plan my season around the events I would like to do with an emphasis on preparing for a full on assault on cyclocross next fall with the support that is needed to race at this level.

For those that don't know, Planet Bike world headquarters are located in Madison, WI and they are the producers of all things that keep you safe and clean a bike. Fenders, lights, locks, pumps, you name, they have it. Planet Bikes is also well known in the bike industry as one of the leading companies supporting bike advocacy by donating 25% of it's profits to various advocacy programs.

From Planetbike.com - Planet Bike helps out by donating 25% of company profits to grassroots bicycle advocacy groups. These groups of people lobby local, state and federal government to make our communities more bicycle friendly. Learn more about how these folks are Making It Happen.

Since 1996 Planet Bike has donated over $500,000 to grassroots bicycle advocacy, and we aim to donate a total of $1,000,000 by 2010. Most of our money goes to the Thunderhead Alliance, a coalition of 128 bicycle advocacy groups across the nation that are working together to promote safe bicycling.

Grassroots advocacy has helped deliver some big wins for bicycling in the last few years. Help us keep making it happen. To further strenghten bicycling in your community, here are 5 Things You Can Do.

It's exciting to be joining this program and gaining the support of a company that is as excited not only about racing, but also all the other aspects of the bike culture right down to the person buying their first bike for commuting to work. The only thing left for me to do is finish off the remaining few weeks of my offseason, set up the spring training bike with all the newest and greatest there is to offer in fenders, and hit the road in what should be the best season ever.

Watch for Planet Bike to appear on a podium near you!

FOR SALE - Cleaning out my garage today, check it out if you need a new bike at a good deal.


D A N O said...


I was just kidding about the red thing Saturday.
Red is cool.
Not as cool as pink tho.....

Anonymous said...
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Gaymonster said...

I will be riding for the Trek Midwest team

SquidBuzz said...

Which bikes will you be riding next year? Staying on Treks or moving to something else?

Tristan Schouten said...

Things are coming together for a new bike sponsor. Planet Bike is taking care of things and the new bike company will be announced when it's finalled.