February 11, 2008

Lighter Fluid

The weather hasn't gotten any warmer so I am perfecting my cappuccino making abilities. Although I only have a $30 esspresso machine, I can still make a way better cappuccino than anyone else in Sheboygan for an 8th of the price.

Skiing was great this weekend and I almost got 4 hours in between Friday and Saturday. Sunday it was ridiculously cold and windy again which has made the trails today really bumpy and slow. Tomorrow it should warm up and hopefully I can get back out and do some more on a faster trail. I've been able to put some weights on the bar when I do my squats now without being sore the next day which is pretty awesome too.

It blows me away that the tour of California starts this weekend along with the road season. It's the dead of winter here in the midwest and those guys are already 2-3 months into their training and build up for the tour. I think the Giro has every right not to invite teams to it's race when everyone that comes only comes to get in shape for the tour, why would the Giro want to ask those teams to come? Would Sven Nys get invited to come to all the races he did if they were paying him just to show up and ride kinda hard for training to get in shape for a different race. I think the Giro has every right to ask the teams that want to come and race to race and leave those that use it as a build up for the tour to find other things to do for build up, but that's just my opinion.
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julie said...

you should talk to Ben about espresso- he's pretty much obsessed.

Anonymous said...

ok i dont understand diz