January 15, 2008

No Schedule

I haven't ridden in a little over a week now. I made it back home over the weekend and had a great flight, even had some open seats next to me so I could really be comfortable. It sure would be nice to have had that luxury on the way over, it would be a lot better to be more comfortable on the way over to Belgium than on the way home. I still need to put my bikes back together, but while driving around town today my car is totally salty, and driving behind other cars you can see salt clowds coming off the road, so riding in that does not seem like such a good idea right now.
The other guys are still suffering away on the canals in Belgium, freezing their fingers and getting in 8 hours of internet a day I'm sure. I just found my worlds packet in my luggage and threw it away. It would have been fun to go to Treviso, but in all honesty it feels so good to not be riding and racing anymore. I've been sleeping so good since I got home and it is really refreshing waking up and knowing that I don't have to ride and that there is no stressful race weekend coming up that involves serious suffering. It's good to be done.

I heard the ski trails still may be open so I might venture out there this weekend and see if it's true. Jamie has a list of things I have to do now that I am home. I thought maybe I'd get away with not having to pick out tuxes and invitations for the wedding, but she has other ideas, I guess it's a good distraction from the cold weather and boredom that sets in when there is no training and travel schedule to keep.
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Anonymous said...

Tristan - you need some music on this site


link and make a playlist off the site linked into this blog


Echelon said...

love the new layout man. get some skiing in.

julie said...

glad you can take a break! yeah, Ben and I are in wedding planning mode too and it really eats up a ton of time. Good luck. ps-Bicycle Paper Designs does wedding invites!