January 18, 2008

Down Time

The off season is in full effect these days. I did get out to do some xc skiing a few days ago, but the temperature has dropped into the teens and single digits the last few and there is no way I'm heading out in it now. I've been thinking of heading to the local high school gym with Jamie a few times, but I've only reached the "thinking about it" stage. Jamie's been logging some miles on the treadmill there, I can't even work up the motivation to go and do some core workouts. I was surprised how good I felt skiing, I haven't skied much the last few years but I felt pretty good the other day and wasn't even sore the day after. I'll probably get out after it warms back up again, the snow was great and it's a good change of pace when I feel like getting some exercise.
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Anonymous said...

nice technique...i bet dudes in sweat pants would pass you up