January 10, 2008

Done For Another Season

The season finally ended for me sometime last week. I haven't updated because I have been traveling and haven't had the time or motivation. I'm currently in southern Germany near Pforzheim staying with my Uncle, Aunt, and four German cousins that I don't see very often. I have been pretty sick still and went to the doctor here to get checked out since I wasn't getting better. I thought I had strep throat, but turns out more likely I have a sinus infection since my teeth, ears, nose and throat are all in pain and only now seem to be getting a little better.

It was a good idea to leave Belgium when I did, I would not have been good to race the world cup this weekend and there was no other reason for staying. It feels a little like the season ended prematurely, but being here distracted and sick is helping take my mind off the desire to be out training for a future event that is not on the schedule anymore. It's hard to have desires and goals that you are working for, only to have them end, I am used to preparing for one event after the other and after finally throwing in the towel this week it is hard to adjust to zero goals.

I am enjoying being in Germany again where the countryside is a little more to enjoy than in Belgium, although the weather is about the same. I cannot get my 3 year old cousin to understand I do not understand a word of German, but she doesn't seem to care and carries on and on and I just respond with "yah". I am here a few more days and then return to Wisconsin to figure out what I will be doing next season and start putting the plans together, I am already working on a few things and hopefully next cross season finds me back here in good shape and ready to throw down.


Anonymous said...

All the German you need "Bitte, ein bier, danka". Worked for us this summer! Congrats on a great season. Hopefully there will be new snow when you get back to cheeseland.

D A N O said...

And downtime is good once you get used to it again....

steve f said...

Hey Tristan!
Maybe you already know about this but google netipot.Check it out,it may help.I have read and heard good things.Good luck.