January 21, 2008

Green, Gold, and Blaze Orange

Official Green Bay Packers colors.
Last night Brian and I headed up to Green Bay, WI in looking to join in the excitement and also in hopes of scoring some last minute tickets outside the stadium were the Packers were taking on NY for the NFC Championships. We got there early enough and started scowering, but soon realized that even with the temperature below zero, the chances of someone giving up their tickets didn't look good. There were probably 150 people looking for tickets and it was more chaos and fighting than the first lap of a cross race.

Kickoff was 5:30pm, by then the temps were way below zero, still no tickets and now we're just standing outside listening to the roar from inside the stadium. A couple of poor cyclists outgunned by the rich folk. The group outside trading tickets slowly dwindled to zero and left us standing in the cold with nothing. We made it back to Sheboygan in time for the 2nd half, unfortunately the Pack ended up losing in overtime, fortunately we weren't at the game to endure the loss from there. Ah, we went for it and it was pretty cool anyway, 70,000 some people going crazy for the Packers in sub zero weather, not like there was anything better to do when it's -5.

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Neil said...

We were fortunate enough to have tickets. I have never been there so it was pretty sweet, except for the loosing part. It was great to see N.Y. kicker wiff two of the three kicks!!

Doug Swanson said...

Personally, I like that you are wearing goggles to spectate at a football game.