January 25, 2008

Who Will Win?

Who is going to win cyclocross worlds this weekend? Think you know? Belgian, Dutch, Italian, Czech - I'll send a Planet Bike beanie to the first person who correctly guesses the top 3, if it's a tie I'll go to the top 5 so send in 5 deep.
Here's the first guess my prediction:
1. Lars Boom 2. Bart Wellens 3. Erwin Vervecken 4. Enrico Franzoi 5. Sven Nys

I also think Sven Vanthourenhout, Stybar, as well as Mourey could get into the top 5 rather than Nys, but it's hard not to put Nys in there unless he really is completely fried, those will be my 6th, 7th, and 8th places. I'm not really sure how Franzoi will go after being out the last WCs, but it'shome field advantage and he might be the freshest of anyone so I'm putting him at 4, but one of the three above I think could also be four if Franzoi isn't up to speed from being out.

Americans? I'll put Page in 10th, Johnson in 26th, and Powers in 36th. It would be great to see them up there again, but I just don't think Page is at where he was last year and it would take extraordinary circumstances again to get him closer than that at Worlds. Johnson hasn't had the best time in Belgium this year and is getting over a cold, he also doesn't start that well and at Worlds you can't come from behind. Powers would have a fantastic day to get inside the top 30, but I think it depends on the course for him so I'll put him at 36th, which I think would be pretty good.

If you think you can do better, give it a shot! Good luck!


RickySilk said...

1. Nys
2. Wellens
3. Boom
4. Vervecken
5. Stybar

Completely uneducated guess.

b-matter said...

1. Boom
2. Nys
3. Vervecken
4. Vanderschouten!
5. Wellens
6. Page

Tim Drankus said...

1: Boom
2: Wellens
3: Mourey
4: Vervecken
5: Nys

And when I win you can just drop it off at my house.

Anonymous said...

jose antonio hermida

surprise winner

mountain bikers unite

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joe Lekovish

Here's my pics:

1st - Bart Wellens (Belgium)
2nd - Sven Nys (Belgium)
3rd - Lars Boom
4th - Vervecken
5th - Jonathan Page (United States Of America)

You can pack up that beanie right now:

Shawn Hauser said...

1. Nys
2. Vervecken
3. Wellens
4. Boom
5. Franzoi

Page in 8th, repeat for him. Hauser in Green Bay.

HankHill? said...

1st - Nys
2nd - Boom
3rd - Wellens
4th - Vervecken
5th - Stybar

I don't think so Joe, the beanie is mine.

lil pony said...

1. Mourey
2. Nys
3. Boom
4. Vervecken
5. Stybar

RickySilk said...

Looks to be a tight competition for the beanie.

jbhancock said...

2) Vervecken
3) Nys
4) Wellens
5) Mourey

BENDER! said...

1 Lars Boom
2 Zdenek Stybar
3 Sven Nys
4 Erwin Vervecken
5 Radomir Simunek

Damn I'm good, oh wait I just copy and pasted that from cyclingnews.coms results

Do I still get a Beanie?