January 6, 2008

Sick, Again

Still here in Belgium trying to figure out what is next. I was finally feeling better the last few days and then I woke up aching and with a bad sore throat again today. I sat around all day with no apetite and generally not feeling good, although I did get to watch the Belgian national championsips on TV which so far has been the most I've done.
I had planned on racing the world cup in Leiven, France next weekend as a closure to the season, but with the sickness and bad legs the last week it might just be over. I did not petition for worlds, long story short, I did not feel it was worth the money involved to race when I am not able to compete at the level I want. There will be many more years and I've done it already, I know what it takes, and I'm not there yet. The next few days will decide a lot, if I feel I have one more race in me I'll stay and do it, if not I'll be heading out of here and beginning a nice long break of xc skiing and not riding my bike.
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Ryan said...

You've had a great season Tristan, whatever you decide to do, hope you have a blast doing it.

Anonymous said...

You won't be sking in shevegas because the snow is almost gone.Rain and temps in the 40's have turned it into puddles.

Mom said...

You're not missing much at home because we've all been sick with the same thing. We Schoutens are a sickly bunch this year.

D A N O said...

And I'm sick too.... but totaly unrelated.
Just had a T-storm roll thru here.