December 22, 2007

Why's The Internet So Slow?

The racing begins tomorrow, today we rest. Last night I was asleep by 10pm, but woke up at midnight and couldn't sleep again till 5am, lots of late night reading, eating and surfing - but that's all we pretty much do all the time. Hopefully my body adjusts to the new time soon, sleeping at night would be nice.

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the fat guy who rides said...

did your wheels ever show up?

Ryan said...

Cross, hell yeah.

Ryan Baumann said...

Same room I stayed in...classy, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Belgians are so they heat their homes??
Everyone is wearing coats and hats indoors!!!!! Yikes!

Your Mom said...

Clean up your room!

Mom said...

I said no such thing. That was probably Brian Matter up to his old tricks again.