December 21, 2007

Four planes and 16 hours of travel and I finally arrived at destination Europea. Besides some extra large neighbors on the plane ride it wasn't too bad, although I couldn't sleep due to the amount of my space being taken up by that exceptionaly large person next to me who's earphones were loud enough to hear with mine on.

The guys are mostly here, about 8 Jrs, 4 espoirs, Ryan and me. Most made it on time while a few are still arriving a day late from airplane delays and problems. I made it with everything but a set of wheels that are yet to be accounted for by the airport, they happen to be the ones with new Dugast Rhinos that I got for the mud races, hopefully they make it before a muddy race.

So far the plan looks like one, possibly two races this weekend, and then the WC Wednesday, a race Friday and a GVA trophy series race Sunday. That's 4, maybe 5 races in 7 days. I'm debating racing tomorrow, it's a small race only open to riders outside the UCI top 50 and the race on Sunday I've heard has a run up with 100 steps on it which might require me to be fully ready to rock that day, we'll see. Most of the time I race better the second day, but with that many races coming I need to think about the big picture and the bigger races during the week.

I'm trying not to nap right now so I can sleep tonight better. Last night I was up at 4am and eating breakfast with Danny Summerhill cause we couldn't sleep, hopefully tonight is better.

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benlikesbikes said...

have fun and rock it!

D A N O said...

Livin' the highlife.