December 23, 2007

GP Montferland C1 - Zeddam, Netherlands

Finally got out of the house and raced today at the GP Montferland C1 in Zeddam, Netherlands and it went pretty well. I finished about 25th, road in a group racing for 18th and was feeling ok until the last two laps when they started putting the hurt on me and I crashed through a corner as I got sloppy. The runup was tough after 12 laps, can't say I was exactly running it at that point, but still doing two steps at a time so it wasn't too bad, I think it adds up to about 1200 steps we did total. Nobody was going too fast over the top and through the next sections after those quadburners. It would have been nice to be top 20, but I really started going slow the last two laps.
I felt good in the group I was with though and road the slippery greasy stuff better than they were, I just lacked the horsepower and accelarations when we came out on the road sections so I could only sit on. Fun race though and a good way to get comfortable getting tossed around during the aggressive starts, I had a good second row start behind De Knegt which didn't last too long, but that's what I'm here for.

Next up is the Hofstade World Cup on Wednesday, that should be enough time to recover from the race and hopefully get my sleeping routine in order, so far I've only slept on average about 3-4 hours a night since I've been here because I keep waking up at 1am and then can't sleep again till about 6am. Gotta get that straightend out, hopefully tonight after racing it will be better cause it's not very fun listening to Ryan snore like a fat man.
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jsager said...

that's because he is a fat man.

julie said...

dunno what the rules are for you super-duper-important fast fancy pants riders, but I always travel with Melatonin- it's an herbal that puts me to sleep for almost precisely 4hours. Good luck! That's a great finish, especially for someone short on sleep!