December 14, 2007

Kansas City Day 2 - Cross Nationals

Day 2 and it's only getting deeper. This is almost Portland revisited from two weeks ago. I don't plan on riding the course till later on and rode the road for a bit instead.
Bob's been scooping up water from the course and drinking it in an attempt to harden up for his race tomorrow. Actually, that's just a mean smoothie that he's been brewing and I've named it swamp juice.
4" of snow tonight will change this by tomorrow morning. Frozen ruts would be fun.
Bjorn was putting in some time on the course, he must have a mechanic along, or plans on spending his evening at the power wash. I think it's going to be a good U23 race between him and Jaime Driscol in these conditions, both had great races in Portland. I'll put my money on Bjorn since he's from Wisconsin.
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Course recon wouldn't be complete without getting Tilford's opinion. So far the only info I've been getting from people out riding in it are: It's really muddy, really slippery, really hard, really cold, really nasty or really bad. Mostly I've noticed that without riding it. Maybe tomorrow.


b-matter said...

Kill it Sheboygan Style...

b-matter said...

You posted a picture of Tilford and he won.....Bjorn and he better get a self portrait up seems to be the good luck site of the should get favre in there too we need another packer win this weekend