December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve - Izegem, Belgium

The only time I can ride the narrow farm roads is when I'm with someone that knows how to get back, otherwise it's the canals or larger roads that are busy.
Last night we had a little Christmas eve celebration with a little deck fire and hor derves since the power had gone out and the turkey wasn't done yet.
Els made us a great dinner with turkey, cranburries and potatoes, along with some Belgiun vegetables that took some getting use to, but a nice dinner none the less.
Ice cream cake dessert, a little eurosport tv and some late night tea makes for the end of a very busy day here in Izegem. Tomorrow is World cup Hofstade in the sand, check out the amount of fans at this race!


Anonymous said...

That is going to hurt. Make sure we here all about it!!!!

jsager said...

that crowd reminds me of the Fontana NCS