November 1, 2007

Chasing Points East

Today was back on the plane and back out to the east coast where I've spent many a fall day riding the stone fenced roads in Farmington, CT the last few years. I'd been tossing the decision to go to Boulder, or come here and race and eventually decided to head east over west. My host housing from the last few years had been eagerly inviting me back and I decided that I couldn't pass up the invitation. So, while the stay here will be shorter than normal, the racing will be as hard as ever at the Chainbiter 9.0 and Cyclesmart in Northampton, MA. I've done them both in 2005 and they are both pretty cool races, some of the first big crosses races I did early in my career and I'm looking forward to doing them again. Plans are already being set for a pizza party Sunday night at my favorite joint in the area and I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of racing and catching up with my east coast fans.


kyle said...

Pretty good example of how to push a guy to the outside of a corner, when wellens catchs nys.
link is halfway down.

Echelon said...

dude i think the east coast decision will prove to be a great choice. going west is great but those 2 races with good pizza will be a great weekend.