November 3, 2007

Chainbiter 9.0 Farmington, CT

It's been rather strange what I have been running into lately in my travel. Two weeks ago in California I almost got smoked in with wild fires running rampant and today we raced through the wind and left over rain from hurricane Noel. I'm thinking next weekend at the Iceman in Michigan should be real interesting, I'm thinking tornado or icestorm.

The racing went well today. It was a tough field, I was at the front till Jones and Anthony got away, then I was in chase 2 for a few laps before getting dropped as some attacks went out. I rode solo for a lap or two, then put in a huge effort to get back on chase 2, but McCormack was in the process of attacking and I got dumped right back off the back for good. I rode the last 3 laps with a few guys and then attacked half through the last lap to get 7th. The course has a huge sandpit that was extremely fast with the 30mph tailwind but I managed to ride it pretty decent for once. The rest of the course was changed up a bit since '05 when I was here last, it was less technical and had wider sweeping corners, but still a great race and hopefully tomorrow will go even better.

Race report here.

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