October 29, 2007

USGP #2 - Louisville, KY

Another race in the books and another city visited. Louisville, KY was much nicer than expected and the racing was even tougher. The weekend started out at registration in the Kentucky Derby museum where they made us weigh in. I was overweight so they didn't have to add any weights to my bike.

The racing was intense and fast. I didn't have the speed or accelerations in my legs that I needed and felt a little flat both days, but raced hard and I'm feeling it today. They were very hard races, but great courses and good competition, I just didn't quite have it in the end. No worries though, I have lots of room for improvement.

Good crowds and atmosphere, perfect days for long sleeve skinsuites which I've been waiting for all fall.

The green monster was painful by the end. One lap I skipped my pedals over the top and went down with both feet unclipped and not on the pedals, fortunately I didn't get ejected when I hit the bottom with full force on the saddle.
There were also some good technical dismounts and sandpits, one of which I took a good over the bars crash in, it was the same one I ran over Barry's bike in on day 2. Woke up the next morning with a bunch of weird bruises and a sore knee, but nothing bad.

We ended the weekend with a cooldown ride to downtown and checked out the largest baseball bat in the world at the Louisville Slugger factory. It was an awesome weekend and I had a great time. Big thanks to Planet Bike for their support and helping to make it happen.


Echelon said...

awesome weekend of racing. see you at iceman. no green monsters there only simonsters.

kyle said...

Tear it up out east... You probably should have bought a 'slugger for the beat down that will take place....

Rowbear said...

Man, I heard them say your name and I just assumed you would be in a trek kit so I think I called Brian Matter Tristan. It was awesome watching all the big shots race and running around yelling at them though. I'm glad you liked our city.