October 27, 2007

USGP #1 - Louisville, KY

I said coming down here that I would need a good race to be top 15, and an ok race to get top 20. I finished 21. The course was slippery yesterday and this morning, but it dried out and turned into Trader Joe's chunky peanut butter by the time we raced, which didn't exactly fit my style so much. The course was good non the less, pretty technical with a bunch of tricky sandpits and corners which were fun. I had a pretty mediocre start, even though I managed a second row call up, I wasn't aggressive enough and found myself back near 20th midway through the lap. I Moved up into the mid teens about half through the race, but had a good crash in a sandpit and put myself off the back of the group I was with and then I couldn't put myself back together and pretty much rolled in by myself. It was an ok race, but nothing that fantastic.
I'll try to get some pictures downloaded later.
Gotta clean a the bike a bit and get some more lube on the chain.


joe1265 said...

Don't you always seem to race better on the 2nd day????

Nice pic:


Anonymous said...

I got some great pics of you sat...was yelling at you on the back side most of your race.
Will open up the camera card and see what looks good. Tough field man...
which course did you like better Sat or Sun?
Nice work!