October 22, 2007

Not Quite Smoked

Last night
This morning
Last night we saw the fires above from the highway, this morning we drove through smoke and dust to the airport and it didn't look good. I heard it got worse this afternoon and they might need to evacuate were I stayed in Carlsbad, I guess I made it out in time. I saw a few fires in Colorado once, but never this size with this much smoke. Almost ironic that I land here and it's raining, what they would do for rain over there right now. I flew over to Detroit and then home so it's been a long day.

I really need to thank Planet Bike for making this trip happen. I just checked the US standings and I moved up considerably with the win and maybe even to a 3rd or 2nd row call up for next weekend in Kentucky which will be a huge bonus. I think this race weekend will really help me through the following few weeks so I'm pretty lucky to have the support to get out there and race where I need to.
I'm out.


dave said...

For the race report from Southern California go to,

Tristan thanks for coming you and Brent put on an awesome race.


D A N O said...

Your livin' the dream, buddy....

Ian Stanford said...

Man, I told you that you would come around. Keep it up man. It is fun to follow your CX conquests. and ya, plenty of rain here.

dave said...


I submitted pictures of the weekend with my reports and race results but I did not ask cycling news, velonews, cyclocross world, etc. to put the picture of Bob up instead of the picture of you and Brent battling it out. Sorry, for this...

I hope you enjoyed yourself.


kyle said...

Dude i see you are on cycling news in the Dam cross pic. Check it out... HEHEHEHEHEHE