September 17, 2007

Strikes and Gutters

Gary Fisher asking for pictures of the Superstars

This years version of "The Chequamegon" as Michael Simonson so refers to it by, was not exactly one I want to remember for too long, from a racing standpoint that is.
I changed things up quite a bit from normal and drove up early, in style, with team manager Shaw in the Touareg. Kick'n it back and sleeping in the back seat with Deuce was pretty sweet.
I pre rode in some cold, sleety rain for a while which was interesting and a shock to system. I got a lot of "you must like it cold cause you race cross"comments while warming up. I guess it's OK as long as I'm prepared, otherwise cold is not good. Saturday morning was cold, first frost of the year, but it warmed up quick and we were racing in arm warmers once we got started. I was prepared with some new embrocation anyway and it felt good to try it out for the first time again this year.

Like I said earlier, I'd rather forget the race part of the trip. I couldn't put out the power necessary across Rosie's field and was sitting probably mid 20s for the first half the race. Our group did eventually make contact with the lead group, or at least some of us, I think Marko and Paul Hanson did, but I had been on the rivet and when those guys put in the hard digs to get across I cracked in spectacular fashion and sat up 20 miles in. It was tough, but I had suffered as hard as I could and for a brief moment I relaxed my brain and that was all it took for my body to say enough. I rode easy to the finish and had a good laugh as Doug and I discussed how hard the hills were even going slow, actually harder cause you had to pedal the whole way up with no momentum.

I've had some good rides over the years at the Chequamegon and also some very mediocre years. I think my first and second years were the best. I've struggled there before and this year I went into it knowing it would be tough. Sometimes without even trying I put to much pressure on myself to perform, this year I tried not too as I have learned there is no faking it at "the Chequamegon" so I was prepared to give my all, but not dwell on it if it didn't work out because I know I am not riding my best right now.
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Overall Chequamegon is always a blast. I got to hang out all weekend with my friends. Eat dinner at Metro's with the Trek crew and none other than Gary Fisher. Crack in spectacular fashion at mile marker 20. Witness a single speeder win the Chequamegon. Watch Ross Schnell and Leah Davison roast and eat an entire pack of marshmallows at the campfire Saturday night which was quite entertaining. And then sleep the entire way back from Hayward while Chris drove my wrecked body home.

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