September 19, 2007

That Time Of The Year

Cross season is here. I just spent the evening dialing in my two cross rigs and making sure both bikes are ready to go. I just read on cyclingnews about the first cross race in Belgium last weekend and this weekend is the UCI kickoff here in the US over in Michigan. I'm still debating whether I'll be going or not, Chequamegon was a blow to my ego and I'm not sure I've recovered my confidence from the beatdown yet. I have had a good couple of days riding since and if I'd have felt as good on Saturday as I did on Tuesday, my result at Chequamegon could have been a lot different I think. Strikes and Gutters. Right now I'm leaning on attending the MI races over the WORS race this weekend in Iola since I have nothing left to race for there except the final race in Sheboygan and that's a few weeks off yet.

Speaking of which, I got in a bunch of laps over at the WORS course here today too. They've made some changes to the course so I've been spending some time there dialing it in and finding the best lines through the roots. I've been riding there for about 12 years now so there is nothing new, just trying to figure out the fastest lines through the corners from the new directions and where the good spots to eat and drink are.

Out, Tristan


Ian Stanford said...

Tell me about it. If I would have felt like I did yesterday and today at Chequamegon I too would have been happier. Cold weather issues. It is my only guess. You will be fine this 'cross season. Just freak'in do it!

Echelon said...

rage on in cross. its your thing and now is the time. come to mich and shine. kick the season off right.