September 13, 2007

Next Scheduled Effort - Rosie's Field

Chequamegon this weekend. Looking forward to the pain of the firetower climb and Rosie's field, hopefully I can make it there with the front group, I haven't been able to the last couple of years.

I saw there was maybe some rain in the forecast, maybe this year will be the return of the bottomless green puddles.

Cable Criterium. Last year I got third I think. The year before I won and got a unicycle in the mail a few weeks later because I totally forgot about the awards ceremony and left without taking my prize. There's nothing more painful than doing intervals the day after the big race, I think some people race harder the second day. Hopefully the weather is good, I think it could be cold in the morning, it's usually the first race of the year that requires some preparation before hand to figure out the right combination of long/short sleeve jerseys and armwarmers.

The Trek pro trailer and crew should be in full effect this weekend which should be fun, stop by the trailer and say hi, that's where I'll be hanging out. Hopefully Sarah brings some of her brownies cause they're pretty good.

Rosie's field is the next scheduled effort, give me a push if I'm going backwards!

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Biwan said...

Your a star! Check out USA Cycling if you haven't already.