August 19, 2007

WORS Cup - Mission Accomplished

Yesterday was a great way to get things rolling again with a great race at Mount Morris, WI. I got up early and went for a little spin and felt great so I loaded up the car and headed over. The race course was awesome, I've got to give Don some credit for all the hard work he did over the summer to get it finished in time and it was well worth it I thought. It was also a pretty cool to see such a stacked field with most of the guys home from the NORBA circuit and also Travis Brown visiting, this series got a lot faster than the last time I raced it. I'm glad to see there is some good competition out there and a good number of guys that could win.
The course was a great mix up climbing, descending, and with the added rain even technical enough to put time into riders on the descents which usually isn't the case on most of the WORS courses. It was one of the best courses yet for a WORS race I think and the rain made it that much harder which is the way it should be. It never really got muddy, just slippery and slimy which is the way I like it.
I went into the race with the goal of not riding over my limit and staying consistent each lap which I accomplished. I actually felt so good the first two laps I had to back it down because I knew it wouldn't last, but I kept consistent and felt strong throughout the race until the last bit of climbing where I was cramping pretty bad. I shut it down then cause I didn't want to push through it at this point so I had to let Paul Hanson ride away, and then just 20 seconds from the finish Jesrin went by me too, but I had accomplished my mission and came in a better than expected 6th pretty happy with my ride.
The goal now is to see how well I recover from this and to fight off the poison ivy that is steadily traveling up my shins. This morning I discovered it on my right elbow and tricep, probably from my crash through the bushes the other day. It's rather annoying.


Tim Drankus said...

Welcome back bro !! You better stop costing me finish spots in the race.

Anonymous said...

Go get some Zanfel
its super spendy but clears up that poison ivy/oak in no time. I was miserable with mine for a whole week until I found that stuff, it got so bad it started swelling but after a few washes with this there's no more itching!
Was great to see you back out there racin, your consistent efforts had me on the rivet quite a few times.. Good Job dude!

Ian Stanford said...

Sounds like Poison Oak with the "spreading" effect going on.

b-matter said...

you should take off another 3 months and let the wild parsnip heal up proper