August 17, 2007

Brett Favre Knows Everything

Everyone in Wisconsin knows that everything really is about Brett Favre and nothing else, especially this time of year. Wisconsin Fact: If Brett Favre threw a 75 yard pass to himself he could catch it for a touchdown if he wanted to.

I haven't updated in a while. The last week of training finished strong and this week I decided to take it easy, except I did a 3 hour mountain bike ride on Wednesday and I'm still a little tired from it, I hope I didn't overdue it. I crashed pretty good and my right shoulder and hip took most of it, every time I went to answer the phone at work I was reminded that it didn't feel that good. I think I got some poison on my shins too from where we were riding, or maybe from the Jan Ullrich crash that had me a few feet down a hill and climbing back up using weeds for a rope. It could be wild parsnip though since there was a warning sign 100 ft further up the trail about the dangers of wild parsnips burning and leaving brown scars for 2-3 years, I think it's poison ivy though. Either way, I'm well stocked with Techno Extreme as they are a team sponsor and C Money thinks it's funny to put 50 bottles in every box he ships my way.

This weekends racing is still up the air. I didn't feel as great this week as I was hoping and I don't want to overdue it too fast. I haven't recovered from Wednesday's ride as much as I had hoped but am still feeling pretty good over a few weeks ago so I am still hoping to give it a shot, mostly to test the limits and to see how the body responds. I think it's coming down to a Saturday morning analysis of my recovery and how it will affect my overall comeback but it sure would be fun. We'll see Saturday morning, or maybe I'll call Brett Favre and see what he thinks.


Anonymous said...

It's not Brett Farve it's Lord Farve. The only person allowed to call him Brett is the man who is in love with him... John Madden.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, well Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of his own head. Maybe I should send him a bike. Although he would probably break it with a roundhouse to the downtube.

C Money