August 22, 2007

Feeling The Burn

..Not from riding fortunately, just from poison ivy. I think I took it a little too casually to begin with and now it's getting bad. I probably didn't work hard enough to clean it off to begin with and now it's spread to shins, knees, elbows, triceps and moving towards the feet. The first 3 days it was contained to a very small area on my shins, then one morning it was discovered everywhere else. I guess you gotta take this stuff seriously to begin with or feel the itch later on. What I have learned is doing somersaults into the weeds is really not a good idea at all this time of the year.

Riding is going well, I was able to recover well from Saturday and besides a few sore spots from cramping I was ready to train on Tuesday. Today was a pretty solid dig and I hope the weather allows something tomorrow too. It's great to be back in the groove of riding and feeling good, now if I can get this itch off my legs, it's starting to look pretty nasty.


Anonymous said...

make sure you wash everything that made contact with the poison with Tecnu. Esp clothes, you can use Tecnu in the washing machine. If you don't clean the clothes, you'll just keep getting it back each time you wear them. I know from experience!

C Money

roger said...

You've gotta get to it right away and you need to use Tecnu products until it's gone. This is the only stuff that works, trust me!

Their product Calagel works very well to sooth the itch.

Anonymous said...

Tristan - hello,

glad your starting to come around. maybe you will have the same as last year and be killing it for cross.

Do you have Kyle Jacobson's email.
my email is

Are you guys going to Detroit for Cross.