August 11, 2007

The Comeback

Today as the Saturday morning group ride rolled out at 8am I couldn't help but think of the guys standing next to the canon in Negaunee, MI about to hit 50 miles of sandy four wheeler trails in seek of the $1600 first place prize. I've done that race for a bunch of years now and while it is one of the most painful race experiences each year, the reward is always worth it.

Sounds like Simonson took it again this year, and the prize..

but second was always a healthy amount too..

even almost last usually gets a Benji thrown their way for good measure.

So yeah, missing the first of the Triple Crown was a bit of disappointment, but today's ride was nothing short of a good workout in a week filled with some good efforts. The legs are coming back fast and each ride has noticeable wattage improvements and endurance. I went from 1 hour rides at heartrate 100 to 3.5 hour rides with ease in less than 2 weeks, at this rate I'll be ready to race sooner than I expected and hopefully start preparing for the late season Triple Crowns that everyone else is to tired to train for, that was the plan all along!
I'm hoping to be back out there and pinning on a number soon, hopefully everyone will take it easy on me for a few weeks while I get up to speed.


MTBaddict said...

Great news! Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday then. Don't forget you won a WORS race just 3 months ago.

Anonymous said...

My money is on T giving Jon Page a run for his money at DOUBLE-CROSS in Michigan, Sept 22/23!!!!

I bet it happens!

Mark D. said...

Interesting read