July 17, 2007

Taking Up The Slack

My brother-in-law is organizing a small friends and family sprint triathlon but instead of training for it, I ride my bike next to Jamie while she trains for it. Jamie will be doing the 5k run, I'll be doing the 400m swim and 12k bike portions. I haven't swam laps in like 5 years so I'll be doing that straight up cold and the bike portion, well, I think I'll just ride that at a pace that feels good. I figure if my legs aren't working, I might as well rip my arms off too swimming.
I've put all the pressure on Jamie to put big time into everyone during the run so that I can make it through the bike and swim without digging too deep and reversing all the rest I've been taking. I get tired riding next to her so I think it's going to work. Actually, I'm tired by the end of her run because I'm practicing cool stunts like sitting on my bars and riding backwards - check, got that one. Still working on the wheelie though.

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Eric O. said...

I hate the swimming part. A few years ago I entered the local Turtleman Tri. I Signed up in the spring but didn't see my name on the list so I thought It had filled up. Day before the race I find out I'm in, and I haven't swam a mile in my life let alone in the past 5 months. Took me like 45 grueling min to backstroke a freaking mile! Elderly grandparents were passing me out there and they started 5 min back. I was kissing the beach when I made it back and had a huge head resh from going from horizantal to vertical.Good luck and don't let any elderly or handicaped pass you.