July 13, 2007

Looooong Days At Home Too

I found Gunn-Ritas update interesting once again because I am sharing the same experience it seems. I too am waiting two weeks ( and some now) for my tests to come back, who knows but maybe it will be similar. She seems to have more of a positive attitude about than I do when she writes. I go through days where I'm fine without riding and racing, and then through days pretty miserable that I can't be out there giving it. I've also noticed the days do to tend to drag, but at the same time they are dragging they're also flying by. It's mid July and I've only raced 10 times total this year and none at all in the last month, a new record for me.
I am starting to feel better though I think. The last week I noticed I have way more energy throughout the days and I'm getting up earlier and taking less naps which is a positive move. You know you're having a bad time of things though when you're recording in your training log how tired you were on that day and how much you slept on a scale of 1-10 instead of mileage and heartrates. There's so many little things you take for granted when you're riding at a really high level, when you're knocked out like I have been even one hour rides turn into major accomplishments.

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Ian Stanford said...

Man, just take a break and get some rest. You race long and many seasons. Just re-adjust your training schedule and enjoy the Tour. You will be fine. You are just simply worn out. When you get going again you will be back in form before you know it. It is called, "being seasoned." Take care -Ian