July 22, 2007

Juiced Carrots Like Rasmussen

Photos from Pezcycling.com

I've been watching the tour this year and am totally gripped. I've never watched the tour this much except for one summer doing superweek we stayed at host housing in Milwaukee and the team would watch the tour in the morning and race in the evenings. This year has been pretty exciting and with Astana driving it hard in the gutter during flat stages I even watch that without getting bored. I don't care if Vinokourov isn't going to make it high in the gc, that guy makes racing exciting. And how cool did that wheel look in the tt?
Rasmussen could possibly be my new hero, making us mtn bikers proud! When he first got the jersey they asked if he could keep it through the tt and he doubted it. They asked if he has been working on his timetrialing since last year and he laughed and said "no", but apparently that doesn't matter and is giving me hope. I'm starting my diet of juiced carrots and broccoli now, maybe I'll shave my head too for the full effect.


Anonymous said...

If you really want to get juiced like rasmussen, you better talk to someone who knows someone...


Donut said...

Don't you mean Vino.

old 'n slow said...

It was just scrolled along the bottom of the screen - Vino and Astana are out of the tour - he has tested positive for blood transfusions.


Ian Stanford said...

Ya, don't use the word "juiced" around "the chicken." He may ask you which one you mean. Remember, he is under "reasonable suspicion" right now.
Now, get back to riding my man.

kyle j said...

Hey man, found a video with shots of you in it (lower allen one) and some other videos to0 http://web.mac.com/pnicoll/iWeb/Cross%20Talk/Casts/Casts.html
click listen.

So whats the prognosis? Hopefully you'll get better soon.