July 5, 2007

Still not too much to talk about here although I did ride 55 miles yesterday which is a two month recored. It was killing me not to go to the WORS race last weekend but it just wasn't going to happen and I didn't want another experience like Phillips. So, I have been laying low and riding when I can, sometimes that's 2 hours and sometimes that's 15 minutes, either way I'll be well rested when I get well.
I watched this video on Cyclingnews this morning, Tour de France crashes, it's pretty good.

I found this picture in the archives, I'm guessing it was 2001, but that's Brian Matter, Mike Spiro, and me battling it out at the front of a race - all 3 of us with 2 overall WORS series wins. Who will be the first to make 3?

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