July 8, 2007

Getting Beach Tan

I'm really living the pro life now, doing everything pro's usually do - except training. I've spent the last two days floating around on inner tubes on the lake with Jamie. I did make it out on the Saturday morning ride early before hitting the water for the rest of the day, but it was an extremely painful ride at mostly a turtle's pace which suggests to me that I am still not feeling it. I am getting to the point of not really caring anymore and today proves it. I was going to go out and ride again, but after yesterday's ride I decided maybe just an easy ride with Jamie would be more fun since yesterday really didn't count for anything so what would today's ride count for? But, after short consideration with Jamie we both decided floating on the lake would be even more fun, so we headed out with a cooler full of picnic snacks and beach towels. Yep, training has become riding and riding is too hard so I'm done with that too it seems.

On Thursday I attempted a 3 hour ride and ate 3 GUs, a cliff bar, and a banana and still bonked three different times, twice to the point of almost pulling over and taking a nap in the ditch. It was pretty bad. Saturday's ride I rode at the back at heartrate 110 and my legs were in pain the whole time, then I bonked really bad again 2o minutes from home and had to eat two more GUs. I'm using up all my energy bars fast at this pace. Usually I can ride for 3-4 hours on a banana unless I'm doing intervals, then I'll have one or two right after to make sure I begin recovering, but these days I'm eating 3 gels just to get home from a ride.

I'm hoping some of my tests come back early this week and really hoping they say something that will be useful. Apparently I also broke my brand new $250 camera too or I'd have some pictures of all the time I've been spending at the lake, hopefully I get that fixed so I can get some photos up of something other than bikes.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly am not as fit as you will ever be, but last summer I experienced some of your symptoms...this year, less races for me, more fun, less miles during the week and I am a new man.
Take some time off before cross season, you'll recover! I will be interested to see what the doc says. Have you tried acupuncture?