June 29, 2007

Taking Blood

It's been a long week and it's going to be a few more before I get some official results. I spent some time with Dr. Greg Mongeon who was more excited to get to the bottom of this than anyone I have ever talked with before. It was great to spend time with someone that excited about my health and he was willing to do just about anything to help. In the end I gave about all the blood I could spare and we're sending it to some crazy lab for the most in depth blood analysis I'll probably ever have. There were a couple other tests sent along, but you probably don't want to hear about those. I was pretty excited when I left because this blood test will go well beyond anything I've done with blood before and according to them we should know exact virus/bacteria strains that may be living and if it's nothing like that, we should see which system is actually fried and leaving me on empty. That would be alright too because that would tell me it's more of a training/over training thing more than being sick. Either way will help.
I stayed with Scott and Sarah KJ while I was seeing the doctor all week. It was pretty awesome. They live on the backside of Spirit Mountain and every evening Scott would ask what I wanted on my pancakes for the next day while Sarah would fry up Salmon and veggies on the grill, it was too good! We got out a few times on some rides, in between my naps, and they showed me the great trails they have right out their back door. They're definitely lucky to have that much good riding at their doorstep.
I only had one disappointment during my stay - Scott wouldn't make my bed each day so I had to myself. Thanks for everything else though, it was great!

Now I just continue on, riding how I am able and feel and wait to see how my tests turn out. I've been finding it interesting reading about Gunn Rita these days as it seems like she is battling something similar - I'm not alone.

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Eric O. said...

Are they putting something in or taking something out? Hmmmm. JK
I recognize that spot right down the dirt road from their house. When I drove down that road last weekend it reminded me of a rally car course with all the narrow turns.Would be fun on the thumper for shure. I hope the doc finds out whats wrong. If your going, I'll see you at Eau Claire. Get well soon