July 28, 2007

Still On The Sidelines

I'm taking a risk putting a picture of Brian on the blog, the last two riders I posted pictures of are looking for jobs at the car wash now but I think Matter will be OK.
Superweek came to Sheboygan Thursday and this year was probably the first in about 8 I haven't been able to do it. I donned the volunteer t-shirt and corner marshaled instead, not as exciting, but trying to do my part and make up for the last 8 years.
The rains came about midway through the race, but for the most part it was safe with no major crashes. Groups were coming off the back by the 20s and I think only about 30 riders finished so it wasn't so bad I wasn't racing.
It was more entertaining watching everyone head for cover once the rain started, 20 people under an easy up is pushing the limits.
and these guys should have EACH brought an umbrella. Is that Rob Boldt I see?

In other news I did get my blood results back earlier this week with no real answer. I do not have a virus, bacteria, or parasite which is good, but there were not a definitive answer on anything else either which was disappointing. I did spend last night rolling around in bed with a fever, chills and some good ol' hands n knees vomiting which was pretty exciting. At least I know some part of my immune system is working.

That's it for now. The Tour TT was exciting today but I won't say anything more because by tomorrow morning everything will probably have changed again, that's the way it's been going.


Anonymous said...

Matter, was flashing the victory signs all over the track I herd.

Maybe he was just happy about the WADA doping control taking in all the top clowns. I bet at least one goes down from that night.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon - is that sheep you herd on the track? or horses? =)

D A N O said...

I seen no corner marshaling from you. Unless you call sitting next to your girl, eating rabbit food corner marshaling.