June 9, 2007

Everyone Is Blogging But Me

Beem me up Scotty!

Uhhhhh, Ok, I was actually just kidding.

Somehow Jamie disappeared, then reappeared while taking these pictures, that was weird.

I was cleaning out my closet and came across my still "brand new with tags" official Iceman winners jersey so I sported that for the first time on Saturday, it was pretty cool.
I took Jamie mountain biking for the first time ever over the weekend too. I don't think I had a $7000 bike the first time I tried it though. She thought I was kidding telling her to slow down the whole ride but I definitely wasn't. I probably won't ride with her anymore cause she crushes me on the climbs pretty good which probably means I'll need a few more days off to recover.


Anonymous said...

lots of pictures of jamie....spendin too much time with the girlfriend?...maybe that's why the legs feel so bad!

D A N O said...

with one post a week, your blog will hit "lame" status soon.

even bmatter is out gunning you.

step it up or get out of the way!