June 15, 2007

Pedaling Squares

Things just aren't as fun when the pedals are turning in squares. I've been catching some flak for not updating often, but I just haven't felt like it. My rides are short these days and I'm spending more time standing at work than training on the bike, definite proof something is wrong when that happens. Truthfully my whole spring hasn't gone that well from NORBA #2 in California up until now. Training was going great, then the racing started and everything fell apart, well, not even fell apart as much as never came together, and I haven't felt good since. Time off - no help. Ride easy-no help. Ride hard-no help. Nothing. I've pretty much backed the training off to almost zero and still the legs feel as stale as week old Cheetos. It's tough because last year was the exact same thing, although then I had some weird sickness, this year, not sick but not riding good either. It's an endless circle that's killing me.
I came across this short track photo from 2004 at Big Bear California that Travis Brown gave me. I think I was 8th, one behind him at the finish. I could go fast then, way faster than I've been going the last two seasons. I finished 6th overall and 3rd American in the NORBA short track series which was pretty awesome. I haven't come close to that fitness in a long time. Eventually I'll figure it out and put it back together, I guess that's part of the challenge. Getting the motivation back above ground level is also on the list.
I'll be testing the waters again this weekend at WORS#4 in Phillips, WI. You never know when life may reappear in the legs and I wouldn't want to miss it. Last year I miraculously won Phillips after a few bad months of riding, maybe this year it will mark the turning point again.


Anonymous said...

not sick, but not well either.

Reno said...

Just put it in the Dog!