June 3, 2007

Another Mudder

I'll tell ya, it sure is nice having the Trek tents set up and both Chris's cleaning your bikes and having water and a dry place to clean up and change after a race like the one we had today. It was another long muddy race and from the looks of the line here for the only hose on location, I wonder if Brian ever made it home? It started raining on the start line and never stopped the entire 40 some miles. Doug made fun of me for putting on a front fender but it sure was nice not eating dirt off the front tire for the entire race. Definitely worth the effort of getting it on 15 minutes before the start.
I didn't have as good of a go of it this time around though as I did at the last muddy WORS race. The legs just weren't turning circles and the power was nowhere to be found, not an ideal situation when the course is flat, fast and a really muddy. I struggled from the getgo and never was able to put it together which meant I suffered through the entire 160 minutes of racing, hoping the legs would come alive with each pedal stroke while the feedback kept coming back negative rotation after rotation. I ended up 6th, 5 minutes down after a few guys came off the back of the front group late in the race and I was able to pick them off for a few spots, but nowhere near where I wanted to be.
Hopefully the legs start to come alive one of these weeks, I haven't felt like I've been able to get into the red zone yet this year and make it hurt yet so I'm hoping that happens pretty soon. Maybe a little rest is in the plan for this week, seems like that's the best answer to stale legs.

Thanks to Chris and Chris for helping out and standing in the rain for 2 1/2 hours handing off bottles and clean glasses - it was sweet.

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wow what a line !!