April 26, 2007

Sore Shoulders

This last week I've ridden more singletrack than in the last year combined. The trails dried significantly over the last few weeks and it seemed that everyone was out hitting them up for the first time this year.
Sunday we were out for over 4 hours and the trails kept coming. 6,000 ft of climbing with a max elevation over 8000ft. That's one way to get the legs opened up for my season opener this weekend in California
Unfortunately for me I can't ride most of these trails by myself or I'd probably still be out there trying to find my way back. You know you ripped some good trails when your shoulders are sore for the next two days!

I should have some updates coming from Best Western - Buelton, CA and NORBA #2 soon. For those that didn't know, it's the pea soup capital of the world. We were here only an hour before hitting up the main attraction, it was delicious.

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Eric O. said...

My dad always called it "sea poop"