April 29, 2007

Slow Roasted

It was that hot

...or, slow AND roasted. This weekend wasn't the prettiest. I'd hoped to start things off on a bit of a better note, but sometimes it takes a little more patience. Temps were in the 90s both days before the race and the venue was set in the midst of vineyards and the rolling hills of Santa Ynez, CA making an extremely hot and dusty couple days of riding. I ingested enough dust during the short track to plant a garden in and I woke up at 3am when my eyes were spitting out the remainder. Back row starts are not cool for more reasons that one.
The heat took the power out of me Sunday and I suffered through most of the race to finish near 30th, I went back and forth with Jeff Hall most of the second half. It's always funny when you end up racing someone on the other side of the country that you also race every other weekend locally. Anyhoo, first one is out of the way and it will be better next weekend after some recovery time sitting by the pool. Off to team dinner.

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kyle j said...

Team dinner? You better have some meatloaf or something else delicious cause you probably burnt some calories. Going to Iola this weekend? It's probably pretty high on your list. later