April 20, 2007

Singletrack and Stanley Cup Filled Days

Today another arrow was added to my quiver, the new Trek Elite 9.9 hardtail showed up so I spent the afternoon getting it dialed in and ready to go for the next weekends NORBAs. I'll use it for the short tracks and possibly a XC.
This year it comes with a Reba World Cup fork, which seems to work better than the SID, with only a slight weight difference. With the new XTR on the bike it still should come in at about 22 lbs like last years bike.
Thursday a good group of us dirt lovers got out and shredded some singletrack. Nick's idea of a easy ride always involves an hour of climbing and some hike-a-bike. I'm usually complaining about how hard the "easy" ride is, but it's all forgotten 20 minutes later as we all come shooting out the bottom of the trail - forearms burning and grinning ear to ear and unable to say anything but "that was sick." There's always a price to pay to ride the good stuff.

After riding the last few weeks I've been watching hockey and averaging about two Stanley Cup playoff games a day. I always wanted to play hockey when I was young, somehow I ended up racing bikes instead. I guess this was as close as I ever came to playing hockey.

Oh yeah, I've been reading the live coverage of Tour of Georgia too but that's been getting pretty boring. Levi Leipheimer, Levi Leipheimer, 29 minutes, Levi Leipheimer, boring, boring. Seems like it's been more of a training ride than a pro tour HC race. I'll stick to the Singletrack and Stanley Cup for fast paced, big hits action to keep me busy.

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