May 2, 2007

Too Much Pool Time

The last few days have been awesome. There's not much more a cyclist can ask for besides...

...the views of central coast California,

taqueria's and coke,

ocean views,

watching someone experience In N Out Burger for the first time,

and then go riding through more vineyards to burn off the extra calories. Seems like tomorrow we should probably get a little more serious and do some bike practice and exercises to get back in shape, it's only a few more days till we race again.


Eric O. said...

In N Out Burger- Does that describe your journey through the restaurant or the journey of the burger itself.

Sonja said...

After a whole year I'll be able to eat an In N Out burger ANIMAL STYLE again. I leave June 7, just so you know.

Anonymous said...

where'd the pictures go?