April 17, 2007

Good Practice Days

Things have been pretty quiet here lately with everyone gone on the weekends racing. That's all right though cause a lot of what I've been doing for training would be hard to do with a group, or not good to do with a group. The scenery is enough to keep me occupied through all my workouts and help with the motivation. I still find myself hitting pot holes I didn't see cause I was looking over my shoulder out at at the mountains.
Training has been going really well and I've been getting in some really tough days. I've been pushing my limits further than ever before, but coupled with recovery at just the right times it seems to be going well and I'm still feeling fresh. I think I'm finally fully acclimated to 5500ft, probably the first time in my life I've spent enough time at altitude to actually fully acclimate and it definitely makes a difference. I had my hematocrit tested at 47 just before coming out, it would be fun to see what it was now after being here for 3 weeks. I'm pretty lucky to have what seems to be a naturally high hematocrit, last time it was tested it was 49.6! I'm not actually sure being at altitude will raise your hematocrit, it would be interesting to find out.

I hit the dirt jumps over the weekend for a bit of fun. Not that I'm any good at jumping, but a little skills practice could never hurt this guy. I had to leave when a girl came over with full face helmet on and proceeded to double the jump I had been rolling over - doh. My grandpa always asks if I "practiced" today, I suppose today I could yes
This is also the location of the Wednesday night Boulder short tracks. Unfortunately they don't start till later in the summer, but they sure are good fun racing around on the burms and jumps for a short brutal workout.

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kyle j said...

How come you didn't use your kick-stand to stand your bike up instead of laying it down?