April 9, 2007

Life In The Fast Lane

This weekend I once again moved my bags and set up camp at a new location, it's pretty serious around at this place. Health Net riders coming and going from weekend races and more calories sitting around than the cookie bin at Safeway.

Grocery shopping must done with a two day limit in mind and as much unrefrigerated product as possible - space is a premium. It's hard to remember if you finished the last yogurt, or just can't find it anymore.
Keepin' it easy to remember, I tagged the brown box on the bottom shelf as mine, everything I need for living goes in there. You'd be amazed how good some things taste when you start mixing and matching to make a dinner with what you have in the box. Salad, noodles, and eggs for dinner anyone?
Actually, I don't think Frank Pipp "eats" food, I think he just eats Cytomax Muscle Milk 3 times a day.

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Charles said...

Tristan, after checking out your blog I notice you are riding the Trek XO-1 for your road bike. Do you use any other road bike or do you use that on the roade all the time. If so what type of fork do you run on it. I have had that same bike since 04 and just wondering if I should get rid of my road bike and rock the cross bike. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks