April 6, 2007


This update is for all the people that think the grass is greener outside the midwest. It's not.
Slowly but surely the cold weather has been making its way westward and today brought freezing rain and sleet for most of the day. Not that that would stop me though.
I had to return 20 minutes into the ride to mount fenders, but after that it was just another day on the bike. Although, with low cloud cover and not being able to see the mountains it's a lot more like riding in Iowa than in Colorado lately.
I guess it is pretty bad though, they canceled the Boulder Roubaix tomorrow because we're supposed to get 1-2" of snow and more of the same "midwest" type weather. It's alright pushing through a few bad days though when the rides have a purpose and the motivation is high. Just hoping to get the fenders back off again soon.


Anonymous said...

dang it, I always thought the grass was greener in Colorado (although most of the time it is).....no better here I was doing a 20min lactate TT at 9.8mph average......Sweet!!


Tim Bateman said...

Hi Tristan, I see you have BR-R550 brakes .... what pads do you run in them out of interest. Keep the blogs coming! Why didn't you ride the Norba round ?



D A N O said...

Dude, (when talking to a bike pro always open with that)

Back in Wisco we had a wild April beach ride! Sure looks like a hell of a better time that you had!