April 14, 2007

Everyone Else Is Racing But Me

I didn't make the trip to the Sea Otter this year, I'm a bit bummed to be sitting at home reading results but I wanted to make sure I had some solid training in before starting the season off. Each weekend that goes by I'm getting more anxious to rev the motor and see what's in there, the last month has been one of my hardest months of training ever and I'm hoping it added a couple horsepower to my cadence.
Maritni doing what he does best - driving across the country in the Touareg and doing overtime in his chamois to give us all a real insiders perspective. Hopefully he takes my advice from last year and changes before standing around in bike shoes again this year. Although, I just checked in there myself and from the looks of it, he has, or he wouldn't have gotten this shot.

Last year at the Otter the guys from Volkswagen came over we all got to take the new GTI for a ride, this year all the excitement is over the new movie by Gripped Films - 24 Solo which opened this weekend in Monterey. I'm bummed I missed the invitation only opening night, but I'm sure there will be plenty of DVDs floating around the Trek camp soon enough.

This afternoon is the Boulder Roubaix so I'll probably head over there and catch some racing action. I'm hoping I can stay strong and not actually do the race once I'm there, it will be tough.

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