March 14, 2007

Superstars Training The Hard Way

Took a little road trip to do some riding somewhere else besides Sheboygan county. I tend to forget how straight and flat the roads are until I leave. I also tend to forget that around Athens, OH they have roads that are "no ice control" which are gravel and filled with potholes. 5 flats later and I'm just lucky Brian had a patch kit or I'd still be walking. Yardsale #1. Yardsale #2.
I think my frame pump saved me about 10,000 strokes on Brians mini pump though. Around here the frame pump doubles as a dog beater so it's actually got two good reasons to be handy on your bike. We clocked one German shepherd in at just under 32mph, good thing it was on the downhill or I'd have been dog food.
Brians got one of those new Garmin GPS units, it's pretty rad. Check out the ride today, although the MPH is off my normal pace since I was riding with Brian.

Four day stage race this weekend, looking forward to opening the throttle again - check it out.


Sonja said...

A large box delivered by your favorite UPS driver came today.
It has a picture of a bike on it and it says: 'Always wear a helmet when riding this bicycle.'

Eric O. said...

Speaking of opening up the throttle.Next week its comming out to play.Braaaaaaap!