March 7, 2007

More Fresh Powder

The last few days have been spectacular skiing and I've been taking advantage. I didn't think I'd get any skiing in this year, but instead of riding the trainer I've been hitting the trails and getting some great workouts in that way.

Last night we got 3 more inches of fresh pow and this morning I was the first one out after the groomer went through, it was sweet. Sometimes I think I'd rather ski for three hours over riding for three, but maybe that's cause I don't get to do it much. There's something about skiing though, hearing nothing but the swish of the poles and the steady glide while cruising down the trail, it's almost peaceful - right up till you step on your pole cause you quit paying attention.

After that it's straight to the garage and putting in a new valve cover gasket. Seems the old one had a leak that let oil drip on the hot manifold, that smelled good while sitting at stop lights. Should be good now though.

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