March 17, 2007

Athens Gun Show

Today was stage 3 of the Gravel Rouser here in Athens. So far I haven't scored a stage win yet, but there's still one stage to go tomorrow. Yesterday's "Grab n Git" hunt wasn't so hot for the out of towners

Race director Joey grew a neck beard just for this occasion, he's been scaring kids with it for 3 months now. Half man or half beast, it's undecided - the stray dogs don't even chase this guy.

These two have been battling tough all weekend. The hocky mullet with matching helmet is rad.
I've been training for the next Rambo movie and decided today was the day to show off the guns after the last few months of push ups.

Then I got caught sitting in the car warming up as we waited for the days festivities to start.
Tomorrow is the Coolville Cooldown circuit race, I'm hoping for a victory yet this weekend.
Back to the gym, time to do more pushups.

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