March 20, 2007

In With The New

I started the training out for 2007 the fun way - by racing into shape. 4 days of the Gravel Rouser classic. It was as low key a race as you can do, but everyone had a blast as we all rode at our own levels and enjoyed group riding 4 days in a row. Gravel roads that only the locals knew were the main ingredient for the weekend as we rode to the different race courses.
I definitely overdid it a bit for the first real weekend back. Increase training time and intensity together right??!!

The new bikes are showing up one by one. The only part that is isn't fun about getting new bikes is setting them up. Why is that after every little thing is measured out exactly like the old bike so that they should be exactly identical, you sit on it and it feels way messed up? The first couple rides on a new bike are always stressful as things never feel quite right and the ride is always interrupted with stops for adjustments. But, eventually everything gets ironed out and you don't think of it again until the next bike comes and you do it all over again. I will say how sweet the new Fuel 9.9 is though, out of the box - 22lbs - rad!!
Time to go somewhere warm again so I can shred some trails and see how it works.

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Biwan said...

Check out, the road racing down here was getting pretty fast. I heard the MTB races are going hard at it too.