February 13, 2007

Where's My Luggage?

Came in through Chicago last night, collected my baggage, went through customs, rechecked my bags to go to Milwaukee, walked out into the airport, flight canceled. They could at least have told me that before I rechecked my bags. Now they are lost in O'hare and who knows when I see them again. I was holding them in my hands!!!! Whatever...
Vacation is over. The world championships seems like it was last year. Rome seems like it was a month ago. It was two weeks ago. It was awesome though, the race, the post race traveling, and just being in Europe for that long. I like it.
After backpacking and staying in hostels in two major cities in the Europe, I'd would highly recommend it to anyone. There is a whole underground hostel/backpacker world that exists in Europe and once you're in it it's pretty fun. Everyone is ready to make a friend to travel with for the day and explore new places but very low key and relaxed.
I was pretty lucky to get this opportunity and am really glad it happened. The racing was awesome, but the traveling afterwards was just as great. No thoughts of bikes and training, just a map, a backpack and two weeks of hiking any street or location I felt like.
I definitely ate more than my fair share of gelato and cappuccino while in Italy to stay healthy and strong, but it seems as it didn't work as I battled a bad cold the next week through Barcelona.
Barcelona, that's a city worth seeing though. Rome - smelly, dirty, nasty, busy, but they've got the attractions so you've got to go.

Barcelona, Spain is much different though. Clean (by comparison to Rome at least) warm, way more relaxed, Mediterranean beaches and Gaudi architecture. It's called the Florida of Europe for good reason.
It really cost little to nothing to do it all too. Ryan air has it dialed and you can fly pretty much anywhere in Europe for about 30 euros round trip if you pick the right days. Add that to a few nights in a hostel and you've just spent 3 days in Rome or Barcelona for 150 euros. It's actually way cheaper to fly that way than to take a train and it's pretty reliable.
It makes me want to spend some more time there and I've even got some people working on finding me housing in Belgium for next year. Who knows if it will happen, but it never hurts to keep an eye open.
That pretty much brings this blog back up to date. Now I've got some work cut out for myself as I try to put together this season.

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