February 9, 2007


I´m having a hard time updating lately. After the race I´ve completely shut out cycling and any thoughts of it as I´ve been doing some traveling and hanging out with my bikes still packed away in their case ready for the return flight and not even a thought of taking them out for a ride. It was a long time from Nationals in December till Worlds two weeks ago and when it was over I was ready to hang it up for a bit and take a good break. It was a long, drawn out season and mental, as well as physycal break was needed. It was actually good to be here where I haven´t even been able to think about the bikes as I´ve just been too busy seeing some sights, that´s a good way to take a break. I´ve been walking a ton though which has been good exercise and my feet are wasted, if it weren´t for my feet I´m pretty sure I could walk 15 miles without getting tired though.
I fly home Monday and return to the normal life of Wisconin. Freezing cold and thoughts of warmer places to begin training. I´ve got a lot of planning to do when I get home as I have nothing planned yet for the season that will be rapidly approaching. Hopefully I´ll be able to ski a bit before any serious training starts yet this year.
That´s it till I´m home, I´ll try and get some pictures up from this part of the trip when I get home. Someone helped to sponsor my post race traveling, but I can´t tell where I am now as it´s just too cool. One clue... Adios


Anonymous said...

What are you doing in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Spain... Barcelona.

or if not Barcelona, then Girona.
Or, Last guess, Majorca.