February 16, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

That's what I'm talking about, 220 km/h max speed makes one quick trip across the Deutchland. How rad does that thing look? It was so fast my ears would pop when we went through tunnels. The best part of this train is that it's smooth as silk inside and the only way you know you're moving is from the gentle sway side to side.
The second best part of traveling by train is lugging a 120 pound fully loaded bike case and duffel bag through the train stops. The looks you get are the best, most people just think you're carrying an oversized suitcase that has way more stuff in it than you need for the weekend trip to grandmas house. Then there's the occasional person that does the double take, then looks at me, looks back at the case like they still can't believe the size of your suitcase, and then asks what you are carrying. Problem is they're speaking German and I don't sprechen sie Deutsch too well which makes explaining quite entertaining and usually involves saying "Lance Armstrong", which I've discovered is world wide universal for "American cyclist". The next question comes from me when I ask what they have in their bag, priceless.

Yesterday I attempted skiing but froze my fingers in less than 5 minutes and sat in my car the remainder of Brians workout crying as they warmed back up. No joke, I was out there for 5 minutes when my body shut down, I got nauseaus and lightheaded, started cold sweating as my face went stark white, and the only thing I could think of was to lay down and sleep. Hypothermia?? I sat in the snow for a minute before staggering back the car where I sat on my hands until they warmed up 20 minutes later. Total body freakout. It was as bad as the Hoogerheideworld cup a few weeks ago all squished into a 5 minute time frame.
Now I'm scared to go out there again, I think I'll wait till it's above 20 to try it again.

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Eric O. said...

I wonder what it loos like when that thing hits a bird >Maybe somethin like this